Posted by: anzianoandsorellawillie | March 18, 2012


Because we’ve been asked  by our mission president to come a month early, we will enter the MTC on May 14, 2012.

Our “farewell” will be on Sunday, April 29 at 10:45 a.m., 33rd Ward, 1100 East and 500 South (NE corner).

Dopo, noi abbiamo la festa at 334 Elizabeth St. (1140 East 400 South)

Translation: After, we will have a party at our home!



  1. You two look awesome!!! Oh!!! I wish I could be at your farewell like you were there for me!!! Many moons ago now!!! i am so thrilled and proud of you!!! The Italian sounds great!! I will see what I can do!! Love you dearly!!


  2. JW and Ren – So glad you will be keeping this blog so we can follow your adventures. Love to all!!


  3. Non vedo l’ora di leggere tutte le vostre notizie. Mi sentiro di nuovo in Italia, in missione, leggendo le vostre storie! Che bravi che siete!

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