Posted by: anzianoandsorellawillie | June 1, 2012

Gricignano, Italy (google it!)

Imagine waking up each morning and knowing Mt. Vesuvius is just miles away!

Elders Whitfield (AZ) and Ginolfi (CA) helped us secure our “permessos” so we can be legal in Italy. What an adventure that was; so glad we have a TOM TOM to help us navigate all the small streets that run in every direction!  Italian drivers are “crazy!” Ren took to the wheel on Day 2 and joined the crazy throng!

The pics you see are: the street we live on at sunset,  a map of Gricignano with Ren pointing to where we live, the market where we shop and practice our Italian (it’s 50 feet from our apartment) and a well know saint in these parts, Saint Peo.

Today we met our Branch pres., Pres. Miller, tomorrow, Saturday, we will attend a Relief Society function and then we will meet the Caserta branch members on Sunday.



  1. The pic are so awesome and the updates are so great! More pics, more pics! You look so happy and right in place!

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