Posted by: anzianoandsorellawillie | June 2, 2012

The Relief Society Enrichment Day at the Pozzuoli / Flegreo Branch near Napoli

Today, Sat. June 2, with the help of our TOM TOM and Elders Whitfield and Ginolfi, we drove north to Napoli to participate in the District Relief Society Enrichment Day. It’s about an hours drive from where we live (Gricignano di Aversa) and the chiesa (church) is tucked away on a narrow cobblestone street overlooking Naples and the ocean.

Molto,molto bene! If you had a view like they do from their Relief Society room, you wouldn’t miss a meeting! About 30 sisters attended the activity and one of the husbands watched the kids. A very pleasant RS sister sat next to me and translated the meeting into English. Many of the Italian words were familiar, but they speak too fast for me to get it all! Another sister I sat by is from SLC; her husband is a NATO pilot and has been in the Navy for 16 years. They will soon move to California for their next “tour of duty” or rather a PCS, a permanent change of service.

Their Family History Consultant gave a stirring lesson on families and the importance of temple work and talked about some of her experiences in the Swiss Temple. They travel 15 hours to go to the Swiss Temple and needless to say, they are very anxious for the completion of the Rome Temple! Dopo (after) the lesson, we had a quilt stitching session. Each sister had stitched her name on a quilt block, and today they were completing it. The sisters will present it to the new Rome Temple President when the temple is dedicated! Following this activity, we used our creativity to paint and design a wood block with a saying on it to adorn our homes. Ah, my very first Italian RS craft!

Enroute home, we stopped at the Caserta Branch in hopes of teaching a young African man from Nigeria. The Elders kept calling him and he kept saying he was coming but did not show up. C’`e male. But they had a teaching appointment with another man from Africa and he showed up!

The pics are: the Caserta Branch, our car, the RS activity at the Flegreo Branch and the beautiful view from their Relief Society room! And Elder Ginofli (left) who has Italian roots and Elder Whitfield (right) who is the District leader.


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