Posted by: anzianoandsorellawillie | June 10, 2012

June 9, Happy Birthday, Ren!

It was a great day to celebrate in Italy!



  1. Elder & Sister Willie: How are you? Just to let you know, we had a nice visit and dinner with Lauren this Sunday evening. Things are great here. We had such a nice time chatting and getting caught up on her life and yours. She even taught me how to follow your travels through your blog. You are amazing, all the entries. A belated Birthday wish to you Ren. Hope you had a nice day in the mission field for your birthday.

    Lauren is great. I’ve come to terms with the fact that Lauren won’t be sitting around much. She’s off to Guatemala this weekend. Why did you have to raise such an adventure some daughter? She’s awesome, we love her like our own. Thanks for sharing her with us.

    We love you both. Thanks for the pictures, and it will be so fun to follow you on this amazing journey. Good luck!

    We love you,

    Ron & Leslie Burt

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Ren! We miss you guys but are so happy you are doing so well and enjoying your mission so much! We love reading about all your latest adventures and seeing all the wonderful pictures! What a beautiful place! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

    Craig & Pat

  3. Wish I could spend my next birthday in iTALY. It sounds like you had a great day. Happy Birthday. Thanks for letting us sharing this exciting time with you guys,

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