Posted by: anzianoandsorellawillie | May 28, 2013

Our Walk along the port of Napoli

To celebrate our first year on our mission in Italy, in late May 2013, we explored the waterfront of Napoli Bay in search of something or someone who could tell us where my grandfather, Luigi Secondo Pasimeni, sailed from in 1910 on the U.S.S. Americana bound for New York City, land of opportunity! We didn’t find an answer but we did some “visualizing” of where he might have stood back then as he waited to board the ship. What was going through his mind as he was leaving his roots in Mesagne, Italy, he was leaving his entire family; would he ever come back to Italy? What would he find in America? How was he going support family in Italy? Questions, domanda, questions, domanda!



  1. Just checking if you are still alive?? Saw a news show yesterday, that was doing interviews in Napoli and they were all talking about the city being broke. No one has any money.
    All about the same with your Roman Catholic side of the family. Just purchased some tickets to back to Ireland in November, the same day as last year 08 November. $536 round trip via Paris on Delta.
    Little Richie purchased an engagement ring for Shannon ($15,000) my first house cost $18K. Now, if he would only give it to her, its been sitting here for a month. But then, the Lt. was at summer camp with the 69th New York, acting Company Commander.
    Sue’s grandfather must have departed from Napoli. He lived over in Sirentoe and fell out of a lemon tree and decided to come to America. I took her dad over, but he could find anything back in 1995 or about. Shannon wants to do Rome if Rich ever gives her the ring and then down to Napoli next November, if she gets the ring.
    I almost forgot, you change to R.C. yet??
    Best regards,
    You far cousin

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